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CSI: Ultimate Icon Challenge
Multiple icon challenges meant to please every fan of the origional CSI!
Recent Entries 
16th-Jun-2006 06:52 pm - Challenge #1 -- use of the word "Hot"
In our first challenge, I'd like you to make use of the word "Hot".

You can do this with a text brush (Text brushes must include the word 'Hot' in it.) or you can use your own artistic vision to interpret however you wish.

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The Contest will remain open until further notice!


Post your icon/s below, along with your name. The comment should be screened.
vivid smile
17th-Mar-2006 05:35 pm - Members...
If we can get 1 to 3 more members before next weekend, ( March 25/26 ) then we can start up the contests.
5th-Dec-2005 02:22 am - PROMOTIONS
Okay, folks! Including me and our mod we have 7 (seven) members. We need at least 3 more to start posting contest. PLEASE tell your friends, so we can get started!


got you
25th-Nov-2005 02:13 pm - Contests are coming...
Spread the word! Contests are coming!
As soon as we reach TEN (10) members, I'll begin posting up the contests. We'll start with one a week, until we get to twenty (20) members.

For now...Continue reading..?Collapse ) ... I hope you enjoy taking advantage of what this community has to offer!

~*~ Lilz
Blue Bulldog
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